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Mühlen- und Mischfutter-Jahrbuch

is a technical yearbook for the entire cereal processing and compound feed production industry. Providing an annual overview of technical and scientific innovations in milling technology (63rd issue) and compound feed technology (22nd issue) as well as interesting expert papers and a comprehensive address directory, it has been a practical and indispensable compilation and reference book for decades.


Mills of any size, compound feed plants, concentrated feed producers, hulling mills, food factories, cereal warehouse keepers, mill and silo builders, engine works, company and research labs, etc.


1200 copies


Predominantly by subscription; Germany 70%, Europe 27% (mainly Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands), overseas 3%

Sales price:

Approx. 20 €, plus shipping

ISBN 978-3-87696-297-9


At the beginning of each year


Bookformat: 117 mm wide x 170 mm high;
type area: 100 mm wide x 136 mm high


About 216 pages, brochure, adhesive binder, cover outside U.V. varnished


Offset printing, screen 137 lpi, full colour as per European scale (cyan/magenta/yellow/black). Digital data, file formats: InDesign, Photoshop, Corel Draw, eps or PDF-X3 (Acrobat 4 [PDF 1.3], high transparency reduction). Data transmission via E-Mail to: m [DOT] ringe [AT] vms-detmold [DOT] de

 Deadline for advertisements:

23rd of November 2017
at the same time last date for printable files. Deadline for preferential placements
9th of November 2017

Preferential placements
(if released),
each 1/1 page, 100 mm wide x 136 mm high:
2nd Cover page: black/white 500 €
full colour 950 €
3rd Cover page: black/white 460 €
full colour 910 €
4th Cover page,
acetate laminating:
black/white 540 €
full colour 990 €
Page 1: black/white 490 €
full colour 940 €
Page 2: black/white 460 €
full colour 910 €
Page 3: black/white 460 €
full colour 910 €
Page 4,
opposite to fly-title:
black/white 470 €
full colour 920 €
Page 6,
opposite to table of contents:
black/white 470 €
full colour 920 €
Formats and ratesfor advertisements in the editorial section:
1/1 page: 100 mm wide x 136 mm high
    black/white 410 €
    full colour 860 €
1/2 page: 100 mm wide x 66 mm high
    black/white 245 €
    full colour 495 €
1/4 page: 100 mm wide x 32 mm high
    black/white 175 €
    full colour 325 €
Bleed for 1/1 page:
Format 117 mm wide x 170 mm high
plus 3 mm trim each side
+ 60 €
Spot colour:

Single extra colour as per European scale (cyan, magenta or yellow) on request.

List of advertisers:

Please indicate your company data, valid for 2018: exact address, optionally including post office box with zip code, phone and fax numbers, e-mail- and internet-addresses as well as an industry designation. This directory is often used in the professional world to look up delivery addresses and we will publish it up-to-date.
This is a free service!


1 voucher per advertisement; further copies will be invoiced at 12 € each.

Terms of payment:

30 days from invoice date without any deductions, within 8 days less 2% cash discount.

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