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Getreide, Mehl und Brot

is a trade journal for the grain, flour and baking industry. Being the official organ of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung e.V. (Detmold/Germany), it deals with any market-related as well as research-led and technological aspects of production and processing of cereals and flour as well as products derived therefrom. Editorial contributions by renowned authors provide practical information reflecting state-of-the-art scientific and technological findings.

Editorial contents:

The magazine covers the entire range of grain processing – from agricultural cultivation up to the manufacture of bread and pastry as well as related products. It also provides valuable up-to-date information on the following topics: market or company reports, product innovations, research results and technical studies, individual operational procedures and production processes, legal bases, event announcements or reports, vocational training measures, latest specialist literature and much more.


Members of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Getreideforschung e.V. which are 24% milling industry, 20% bakery, 12% mechanical engineering, 9% cereal trading and breeding, 7% baking agents and auxiliary materials, 7% starch, 5% pasta and nutriments, 16% institutions, associations and laboratories; further supplies by subscription as well as to potentially interested persons or parties within the target audience
Germany 84%, Europe 15%, overseas 1%

Target groupe:

Cereal product manufacturers, pastry producers, large and medium-sized bakeries, suppliers to the cereal and pastry production industry, related scientific, educational or technical institutions, vocational training facilities, cereal and pastry trading companies, specialized planning offices and consulting agencies; cereal producers and mill enterprises, related associations, organisations and stakeholders


800 copies


4 issues per year, March, June, September und December

Annual subscription rates:

Domestic 120,00 € (shipping and 7% VAT incl.); abroad 123,36 € (shipping incl.), for intra-Community deliveries without tax ID number + 7% VAT


Magazine format: 210 mm wide x 280 mm high,
type area: 183 mm wide x 246 mm high,
each 64 pages, stapling


Offset printing, screen 137 lpi, full colour as per European scale (cyan/magenta/yellow/black).
Digital data, file formats: InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDraw, eps or PDF-X3 (Acrobat 4 [PDF 1.3], high transparency reduction). Data transmission via E-Mail to: m [DOT] ringe [AT] vms-detmold [DOT] de

E Deadline for advertisements:
for issue 1/ March 19. 02.2018
for issue 2/ June 17.05.2018
for issue 3/ September 16.08.2018
for issue 4/ December 19.11.2018
Formats and rates for advertisements:
Front page  bleed on the right side,
190 mm wide x 178 mm high,
plus 3 mm trim, full colour 1450 €
1/1 Page    183 mm wide x 246 mm high,
black/white 790 €
full colour 1250 €
210 mm wide x 280 mm high,
plus 3 mm trim
+ 120 €
1/2 Page   183 mm wide x 121 mm high or
89 mm wide x 246 mm high
black/white 440 €
full colour 720 €
1/4 Page   89 mm wide x 121 mm high or
183 mm wide x 58 mm high
black/white 260 €
full colour 430 €
1/8 Page   89 mm wide x 58 mm high
black/white 140 €
full colour 240 €
Casual advertisements (for example machine market)
(for example machine market) also 1/16 page, 89 mm wide x 26 mm high,
black/white 75 €
Single logos or illustrations on request.
On the base price, for fixed contracts within the volume:
2 or 3 publications 5%
4 publications 10%
Please note that no allowance can be granted for special executions and inserts as well as for any handling expenses.

On request


1 voucher per advertisement or insert; further copies will be invoiced at 15 € each

For national contracts all the prices are to be understood plus legal VAT valid at the time of execution, currently 19%

Advertisements and inserts of foreign ­clients are tax-free. Intra-Community clients are requested to disclose their tax ID number.

Terms of payment:

Advertisements: 30 days from invoice date without any deductions, within 8 days less 2% cash discount.
Casual advertisements and inserts: 8 days from invoice date without any deductions, unless payment has been made in advance.

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