Advertising Rates No. 35

Prices consistently valid since 1st of January 2015

Mühle + Mischfutter is a trade magazine for the cereal processing and feed production industry as well as for the bulk goods, food and non-food process engineering branch. It offers detailed and interesting specialist articles, technical machine and equipment descriptions, notifications and reports on events and activities and also current informations from industry, economy and mar-kets. Furthermore it answers legal ques­tions, provides company reports, introduces new specialist literature and offers many more benefits.


Mills of any size, compound feed plants, concentrated feed producers, hulling mills, food factories, cereal warehouse keepers, mill and silo builders, machine factories, company and research laboratories and others

Average circulation: 2500 copies

Distribution, primarily in subscription:

Germany 68%, Europe 28% (mainly Austria and Switzerland), overseas 4%

Annual subscription rates:

Domestic 233,30 € (shipping and 7% VAT incl.); abroad 249,00 € (shipping incl.), for intra-Community deliveries without tax ID number + 7% VAT; online plus 36,00 € + 19% VAT if applicable

ISSN 0027-2949, journal code No. 4987


Twice a month on Thursdays, 24 issues per year; see editorial programme


Magazine format: 210 mm wide x 297 mm high/
DIN A4; type area: 190 mm wide x 270 mm high


Offset printing, screen 137 lpi, full colour as per European scale (cyan/magenta/yellow/black).
Digital data, file formats: InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDraw, eps or PDF-X4 (Acrobat 7 [PDF 1.6]). Data transmission via E-Mail to: m [DOT] ringe [AT] vms-detmold [DOT] de

 Deadline for advertisements:
at least 14 days prior to publication

Exact deadlines see editorial programme; for inserts not later than 21 days prior to publication. Sufficient free space provided, classified advertisements can be accepted if submitted not later than 10 days prior to publication, on a Monday by 12.00 p.m.

Front page, art print paper: 
190 mm wide x 202 mm high   1290 €
full colour, required  + 820 €
bleed  190 €
format 210 mm wide x 216 mm high
plus 3 mm trim 
Preferential placement, art print paper:

For placement on 2nd cover page (opposite to table of contents) or 3rd or 4th cover page: black/white base price plus 10% extra charge

Formats and rates for business advertisements
(commercial advertisements):
1/1 page: 190 mm wide x 270 mm high  
black/white 1010 € 
full colour + 820 €
210 mm wide x 297 mm high
plus 3 mm trim each side
+ 150 €
1/2 page: 190 mm wide x 133 mm high or
93 mm wide x 270 mm high
black/white 550 €
full colour + 450 €
1/4 page: 93 mm wide x 133 mm high or
190 mm wide x 65 mm high
black/white 310 €
full colour + 300 €
1/8 page: 93 mm wide x 65 mm high
black/white 165 €
full colour + 150 €

Double page in bundle: on request

Spot colour:

Single extra colour as per European scale (cyan, magenta or yellow) on request.

Column advertising section, prices per mm:
black/white 1,45 €
full colour + 1,20 €
Four columns, each maximum 270 mm high;
single-column width: 45 mm,
two-column width: 93 mm,
three-column width: 142 mm,
four-column width: 190 mm;
minimum size: 25 mm high, single-column
Editorial section, prices per mm:
black/white 6,80 €
full colour + 4,80 €
Footer in the economic section: width 190 mm, minimum height 25 mm, maximum height 65 mm
Discount for business advertisements:
On the black/white base price, for fixed contracts within 12 months; frequency discount based on consistent sizes:
for 3 or more publications or 1 page 3%
for 6 or more publications or 2 pages 5%
for 12 or more publications or 4 pages 10%
for 18 or more publications or 8 pages 15%
for 24 or more publications or 12 pages 20%
Please note that no allowance can be granted for special executions, reduced prices per mm, inserts and box number charges as well as for any handling expenses.
Charge for inserts, postage included,
per 1000 copies 350 €
Format up to 208 mm x 295 mm, weight up to 25 g, for total circulation only. To be supplied free to printing house, folded if applicable. Address and required quantity will be announced in our order confirmation. First please send sample to Verlag Moritz Schäfer. Advance payment required.

 Deadline 21 days prior to publication

Loose inserts: on request

Reduced prices per mm for casual advertisements
(classified advertisements):
Price per mm/column, black/white 1,23 €
full-colour + 1,20 €
Typesetting costs included, basic font 9 p Helvetica, with 12 p or 24 p headline. Prices for single logos or illustrations in colour on request. Four columns, each maximum 270 mm high. Published in two-columns (93 mm wide) or four-columns (190 mm wide), market place for machines also single-column (45 mm wide); minimum size: 21 mm high, single-column.
Job search advertisements:
93 mm wide, price per mm black/white 1,84 €
Advance payment required.
Box number advertisement charges:
Forwarding of letters as a german "Standardbrief"
Domestic 10 €
Abroad 14 €
Job offer advertisements, domestic forwarding of application documents included 14 €
Obituaries, within textual section:
93 mm wide, price per mm black/white 1,84 €

1 voucher per advertisement or insert; further copies will be invoiced at 4 € each.

For national contracts all the prices are to be understood plus legal VAT valid at the time of execution, currently 19%

Advertisements and inserts of foreign ­clients are tax-free. Intra-Community clients are requested to disclose their tax ID number.

Terms of payment:

Business advertisements: 30 days from invoice date without any deductions, within 8 days less 2% cash discount.
Casual advertisements and inserts: 8 days from invoice date without any deductions, unless payment has been made in advance.

General terms and conditions:

Our conditions for advertisements and inserts as well as our general publish­ing conditions are available at or will be sent to you on request. For both contractual parties, the place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Detmold; the relevant statutory regulations shall apply.


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