Advertising Rates 2018

Prices consistently valid since 1st of January 2015

wassertriebwerk is the official organ of Bundesverband Deutscher Wasserkraftwerke (BDW) e.V. and of the German federal hydro-power station working groups.

It offers comprehensive and up-to-date information on hydropower, water management, water legislation, and electricity industry issues. In addition, the magazine reports on all the valuable BDW activities and informs about their work programmes and assemblies held. Since its founding in 1952, the journal regards itself as a mouthpiece of small and medium-sized hydropower stations which are a very interesting group of enterprises using renewable and environmentally friendly energy resources. In recent years, small hdropower stations managed to strengthen their position in German economy, and environmental awareness increased, too.


Small and medium-sized hydropower stations, power plants, sawmills, mills, and other industrial enterprises using hydropower, engineering offices, hydraulic engineering companies, machine factories, service companies and repair workshops, public utility companies, water mana- gement authorities as well as associations and interested individuals

Average circulation:

2500 copies

Distribution, by subscription:

Germany 95%, abroad 5% (with a focus on Switzerland and Austria)

Annual subscription rates:

Domestic 60,45 € (shipping and 7% VAT incl.); abroad 62,45 € (shipping incl.), for intra-Community deliveries without tax ID number + 7% VAT

ISSN 0509-8858, journal code No. 22051


In the middle of each month, 12 issues per year


Magazine format: 170 mm wide x 240 mm high, type area: 135 mm wide x 208 mm high


Offset-printing, screen 137 lpi, full colour as per European scale (cyan/magenta/yellow/black). Digital data, file formats: InDesign, Photoshop, CorelDraw, eps or PDF-X3 (Acrobat 4 [PDF 1.3], high transparency reduction). Data transmission via E-Mail to: m [DOT] ringe [AT] vms-detmold [DOT] de

  Deadline for advertisements:

15th of the month prior to publication

Sufficient free space provided, classified advertisements can be acceptet if submitted some days later.

Formats and rates for business advertisements (commercial advertisements):
1/1 page: 135 mm wide x 208 mm high
black/white 910 €
full colour 1275 €
170 mm wide x 240 mm high
plus 3 mm trim each side
+ 135 €
1/2 page: 135 mm wide x 102 mm high
black/white 500 €
full colour 725 €
1/4 page: 135 mm wide x 50 mm high
black/white 272 €
full colour 425 €
1/8 page: 65 mm wide x 50 mm high
black/white 157 €
full colour 235 €
Commercial opportunity advertisements:
(for example real estate and machine market)
1/16 page: 65 mm wide x 23 mm high
black/white 100 €
full colour 178 €
Discount for business advertisements:
On the base price, for fixed contracts within 12 month
3 or more publications 3%
6 or more publications 5%
12 publications 10%
Please note that no allowance can be granted for special executions, reduced prices inserts and box number charges as well as for any handling expenses.
Preferential placement: 
2nd, 3rd or 4th cover place: 
black/white base price + 10%
Spot colour:
Extra colour cyan as per European scale
1/1 page black/white + 125 €
1/2 page black/white + 75 €
1/4 page black/white + 52 €
1/8 and 1/16 page black/white + 26 €
Charge for inserts, postage included,
per 1000 copies 310 €
Format up to 168 mm x 238 mm, weight up to 25,0 g, for total circulation only. To be supplied free until deadline to printing house, folded if applicable. Adress and required quantity will be announced in our order confirmation. First please send sample to Verlag Moritz Schäfer.
Advance payment required.
Reduced prices for casual advertisements (classified advertisements):
1/16 page: 65 mm wide x 23 mm high 84 €
1/8 page: 65 mm wide x 50 mm high 137 €
3/16 page: 65 mm wide x 76 mm high 190 €
1/4 page: 65 mm wide x 102 mm high 242 €
Larger formats on request.
Prices black/white, single logos or illustrations in colour on request. Typesetting costs included, basic font 9 p Helvetica with 12 p headline.
Advance payment required for non-subscribers.
Box number advertisements charges:
Forwarding of letters as a german "Standardbrief"
Domestic 10 €
Real estate offers, domestic 14 €
Abroad 14 €
Editorial programme:

The editorial content is determined at short notice and up-to-date.


1 voucher per advertisement or insert; for casual advertisements voucher section

For national contracts all the prices are to be understood plus legal VAT valid at the time of execution, currently 19%

Advertisements and inserts of foreign ­clients are tax-free. Intra-Community clients are requested to disclose their tax ID number.

Terms of payment:

Business advertisements: 30 days from invoice date without any deductions, within 8 days less 2% cash discount.

Casual advertisements and inserts: 8 days from invoice date without any deductions, unless payment has been made in advance.


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